Short Story: Shadow Silhouettes in the Distance

Video 3:37 Length A woman sees strange silhouettes on her property.


Adam Leon

11/29/20223 min read

Video Description:

Written by Adam Leon

Read by Neptune

"I live in a pretty rural location out in Wyoming. I mean, it's Wyoming, it's pretty much entirely rural. But where I live, it's really out in the middle of nowhere. It can feel isolating at times and you definitely need close friends to keep from losing your mind but I was never really much of a people person and there's always alot to do that I never really have much downtime. It's peaceful in a lot of ways and after spending most of my life in the city, some peace is exactly what I needed. I'll admit though that without the internet, I think I would have totally gone insane.

I think it was around mid-2014 when I started seeing these shadow people out in the distance. It wasn't common at all, but would happen just often enough that I couldn't forget about it. Once in a while, when I would go for a hike to explore some of the less familiar areas of my acreage, I would swear that I would see silhouettes of people in the distance. It wasn't like I saw a tree and mistook it for a person standing there, I mean I really saw people. The first time it happened, I was walking towards this small mountain that rests at the edge of my property when I saw this shadowy figure that looked like it was wearing one of those big cowboy hats. Before I knew it, the person walked through some trees and then disappeared. At the time, I wasn't sure if it was just a neighbor or some illegal camper or something so I kind of got spooked and went back to my house.

The second time it happened was some months later, and that's when I started thinking that it was something supernatural that was responsible. During the second time, I had been walking in a different area where this old trail hike exists and cuts through a pretty thick forest. The trail would kind of run through the edges of my property but would twist out of it before long so it was pretty common to run into people on the trail who were just passing through. After maybe a thirty minute walk, I noticed four people standing on and around this large boulder off to the side of the trail from a distance, so I waved at them and called out to them to kind of get their attention. Usually it's a good idea to call out to people when you're walking in their direction so you don't end up scaring anyone or coming off as unfriendly. When I waved at the group though, they didn't wave back, they just got really still and stared at me.

From where I was standing, it was pretty hard to get a good look at the people but I could tell that it was four distinct silhouettes, two of them looked like they were sitting on the boulder, while one stood on the boulder and the other stood next to the boulder. I was pretty creeped out by how motionless they were, but I quickly cooled my nerves and just assumed that maybe they weren't expecting to see anyone in the area, so I had probably spooked them pretty good as well and were just trying to figure out who I was. As I got closer and called out to them again, their silhouettes started to get blurry, almost like when a camera goes out of focus, and their outline was getting more fuzzy and semi-transparent.

I rubbed my eyes, thinking that maybe they were watery but when I opened them again, the silhouettes were gone. The figures disappeared so quickly that I kind of jumped and started walking back to my house because of how creeped out I was.

I would continue seeing these weird shadow people and silhouettes on my property until around 2018, when it suddenly stopped and I never saw them again about two years ago. The encounters were always a few months apart and seemed pretty random, but whenever they would happen, I'd be on edge for a few weeks afterward. Never figured out what caused it and I didn't think about getting a paranormal research team to investigate it or anything. I'm pretty glad I didn't do anything like that though, since it probably wouldn't have gone away on its own if I had. Towards the end of the sightings, I was starting to get pretty nervous about what was causing these silhouettes since I started seeing them closer to my house."