Ebook Download: Melon Heads: ACIO-023

Free download of my published book "Melon Heads: ACIO-023". This book is a part of the Anomalous Creatures, Items and Occurrences series.


Adam Leon

12/3/20221 min read

Ebook Description:

One of the most bizarre cryptid reports appears to have become a staple of North American midwestern folklore over recent decades. From supposed sightings of Melon Head creatures around the shores of the man-made lakes of Kentucky, to the isolated neighborhoods of suburban homes in New England, the legend of the Melon Head has become a harmless fascination across the United States.

Similar to legends of man-eating catfish and ten foot tall winged creatures, there is little evidence supporting the claims of Melon Head encounters, and next to zero reliable sightings surrounding the strange cryptid, however, its growing popularity in recent years has evolved into an almost boogeyman level of relevance across the United States.

The primary reason supporting the creature's popularity appears to center around the horrifying claims of illegal government experimentation and private research conducted in secret across isolated mental asylums and orphanages across the country. Similar to proven conspiracies such as the Tuskegee experiments and the Cincinnati, Ohio radiation experiments, it is believed by many that Melon Heads are the experimented disfigured victims of a clandestine operation at understanding the resiliency and intelligence of the human brain.

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