Ebook Download: Lizard Man: ACIO-032

Free download of my published book "Lizard Man: ACIO-032". This book is a part of the Anomalous Creatures, Items and Occurrences series.


Adam Leon

12/4/20221 min read

Ebook Description:

The Scandinavian Ghost Rockets are a type of Unidentified Flying Object reported over the skies of Sweden, Norway, Denmark and other surrounding countries throughout the 1940's. Many of the craft were described as appearing similar in shape to a squashed walnut, or a wingless aircraft with only the fuselage.

The craft have been described as emitting a flame occasionally from the back end of the fuselage and capable of maneuvering mid-flight. Several eyewitnesses have been able to calculate the speed of the craft as having exceeded several hundred miles an hour, speed far in excess of any other known aircraft at the time of the sightings. After a series of mass sightings and local newspaper reports, the governments of the Scandinavian countries would be under order from the United States and United Kingdom to censor any reports surrounding the craft for the sake of national security.

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