Ebook Download: Dewey Lake Monster: ACIO-011

Free download of my published book "Dewey Lake Monster: ACIO-011". This book is a part of the Anomalous Creatures, Items and Occurrences series.


Adam Leon

12/4/20221 min read

Ebook Description:

The Dewey Lake Monster is claimed to be a humanoid bipedal creature standing at an approximate height of nine feet tall, covered from head to toe in thick hair. Witness sightings differ in some regard on the texture and color of the hair, given the many different lighting conditions in which witnesses encountered the creature, in some cases the creature's hair is red and matches closely with brownish bark and appears to have a texture that matches the trunk of a tree, with many witnesses mistaking the creature to have been a standing tree. Some claim that the creature has no visible face or has a visible black face with reflective eyes and sharp teeth that become visible only when the mouth opens. Witnesses consistently report the smell of a strong odor or skunk-like stench that accompanies the creature. The Dewey Lake Monster has made several indistinguishable non-human sounds such as a deeper yelling tone, impossible for a human to replicate. Barking noises, ear-splitting honking sounds and piercing screams that have caused ear damage and could be heard over tremendous distances. Some of the encounters have been compared to the sound of a wild goose or a large dog, whereas other encounters claim the sounds to have been impossible to describe or identify.

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