Ebook Download: Coney Island Monster: ACIO-048

Free download of my published book "Coney Island Monster: ACIO-048". This book is a part of the Anomalous Creatures, Items and Occurrences series.


Adam Leon

12/3/20221 min read

Ebook Description:

Referred to as the "Winged Man of 1880" or the Coney Island Monster, this creature is often described as having the head and body of a man but with the wings of a bat and the legs of a frog. Back on the 12th of September, in 1880, a crowd of eyewitnesses would report seeing what appeared to have been a man with bat wings and frog legs flying at an estimated height of a thousand feet above Coney Island. A similar creature would be sighted during the same year in two other locations within two months of the Coney Island sighting, one in Louisville Kentucky and another sighting again in St. Louis Missouri. Explanations for the creature have ranged from a sighting of a demon-like entity, a Jersey Devil Encounter, an unnamed amateur ornithopter inventor, a pastor attempting to observe criminal activities and an unknown bird species that's man-like in appearance.

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