Ebook Download: Celestial Event of 1560: ACIO-053

Free download of my published book "Celestial Event of 1560: ACIO-053". This book is a part of the Anomalous Creatures, Items and Occurrences series.


Adam Leon

12/3/20221 min read

Ebook Description:

Described as the Celestial Event of 1560, during the middle 16th century, it appears that several published accounts were written that described a supernatural event similar to modern day sightings of unidentified flying objects. Within the span of five years, two of the most populated cities during the 16th century claimed to have witnessed a supernatural event in the sky that appeared to be a fiery smoky battle between odd geometric shaped objects floating through the sky.

Although it was believed to have been a supernatural event at the time, modern day Ufologists and researchers into extraterrestrial phenomena believe the event to have been a battle between extraterrestrial forces. More supernaturally inclined researchers believe the event to have been the manifestations of demonic entities or omens engaging in a religious display. In the modern day, a series of sightings of unidentified flying objects have matched many of the descriptions of the objects witnessed during this celestial event, as well as many modern day sightings appearing to match religious symbolism of the time.

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