Ancient Structures That Could Prove Giants Existed

A short work summarizing the discoveries of ancient megastructures that appear to defy currently held theories on ancient technologies and production.


Adam Leon

11/30/20227 min read

In many religious beliefs and myths from around the world, reference to legends and tales of large beings often referred to as Giants appear to be a recurring concept and theme regardless of where humans come from and the cultural influences of their religions and myths. In fact, evidence of larger and more powerful hominids litter archeological and evolutionary history, as well as many ancient historical records that detail events with great accuracy and are often regarded as non-fictitious works that also make references to Giants and their incredible nations.

It is interesting to realize then that not only is there this abundance of reference to giant beings but there also appears to be physical evidence and traces of large megalithic structures created by supposed Giants and ancient civilizations, predating in creation much further back than would have normally been available to create by early humans and their limited technologies. In this section, we will be going over this evidence and discussing four ancient megalithic structures that could prove that Giants once existed.

The Great Pyramids of Giza

Looking at the monumental structure of the Pyramids, one can see the obvious evidence when it comes to the construction of the structure and the requirement of beings of a much larger stature to accomplish such a task. Looking at the structure from a purely mathematical standpoint, the Great Pyramids of Giza consists of roughly 2.3 million stone blocks with each ranging from 2.5 to 15 tons a piece. According to supposed Egyptian documents discovered in nearby tombs and areas regarding the Pyramids, the Pharaoh recorded that only 20,000 workers built the pyramid over the course of 20 years.

If that turns out to be the case according to these Ancient Egyptian records then that would mean that, to meet this requirement, each worker would need to cut a block with perfect precision from a quarry, move this block to the Pyramid alone, a task already impossible for a single man to do and then pull the block up the pyramid into its position without any help once every 30 days. This would mean that each block would need to be placed once every 2 and a half minutes in perfect unison in this month span with each of the 20,000 workers tirelessly performing without break.

Another interesting fact to look at is the depiction of the builders of the Pyramids in Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics. It is a common fact known amongst Egyptologists that the ruling class of Ancient Egypt was often depicted as 2 to 3 times the size of the average population. This is believed to be due to the importance of the figure and so it was a requirement to depict the ruling class in such a manner; however, could it be that these depictions were far more accurate than previously known and the ruling class of Egypt could have been an advanced race of Giants? Back in 820 AD, the Sultan El-Rashid Al-Ma'mun dedicated to open the Great Pyramid upon which he was told that the structure had been built by Giants, who were referred to as the Sheddai, which roughly translated to "superhuman beings", and that within these pyramids they had stored a great treasure beyond the knowledge of Man.

This means that not only were the Egyptian depictions of the ruling class were accurate, but that neighboring nations were well aware of the usage of the Giants that labored the construction of the Pyramids and had developed advanced technologies far beyond the reach of human beings at the time.

The Easter Island Heads

In Ancient Polynesian myths, it was believed that the Polynesian King had seven children of whom were born with magical abilities and were seen as Giants. Fearing their great power and their short tempers, the Polynesian King quickly sent his sons away to be banished and cast them onto the Easter Islands. It appears that this myth can be confirmed when analyzing the large stone structures on the Island. The majority of the large stone structures known as the Easter Island Heads all seem to face inward towards the island to offer a sort of overwatching protection; however, there appears to be seven large Easter Island heads that face in

the direction of the Polynesian Island almost as if to reference the origin of the seven sons.

It is interesting to note that though Easter Island myths do not seem to reference the origin of the Polynesian Islands, it talks on length about Giants and the creation of the Easter Island heads by the Giants. Given the megalithic structure of the heads, even in the modern day, it has been impossible to replicate the statues on such a limited location. Though there have been many attempts to create similar statues and devise ways of transporting them, not a single theory to this day appears to be reliable or valid in its hypothesis. It could very well be that these seven sons, of whom were born as Giants, created these megalithic structures eons ago.

The Fortifications of Mycenae

Definitely seen as the most concrete evidence of the existence of Giants, the Fortifications of Mycenae have continued to baffle engineers and architects to this very day. The technique of masonry used is actually referred to as Cyclopean Masonry in reference to the written works made by the Ancient Greek historian Pausanias that described the walls of Mycenae and Tiryns as being produced by that of Giants.

He claimed that these walls were said to be the work of the Cyclopes, created by using unwrought stones with each being so big that a pair of mules could not move the smallest from its place to the slightest degree. Not only were the massive walls built without using mortar or any materials to keep the large rocks in place, but that each massive block was supposedly placed by hand by the Cyclops Giants that inhabited the region. It was believed that the walls were created 3,500 years ago during the Late Bronze Age period, which seems baffling given the fact that the walls were completed without delay or technological limitation despite human civilization not having made advancements in metals that could have been used for tools in the construction of the walls or the placement of the large stones.

In fact, the blocks are so massive that even modern-day cranes and technology could not place the stones with the accuracy required to build the wall and maintain the stability of the structure without the use of mortar of any kind. It appears that, due to these seemingly impossible to answer questions, these Cyclopean sites appear to be completely ignored by archeologists and research scientists as reliable methods of carbon dating have not been attempted and further theory or explanation of the site appears to be nonexistent.

This points to the fairly obvious conclusion that not only are research scientists not interested in learning more about the validity of the Giants of whom built the structure, but that perhaps they are scared of what they might discover and are actively seeking to suppress the information and studies around the structures and their incredible evidence to the race of Giants that built them. Until more efforts are made to research the location and pour over historical data, nothing more can be discovered and this gold mine of the knowledge of the Giants will sit vacant and unexplored.

The Mystery of the Stonehenge

Referred to as a prehistoric monument, far older than that of most human civilization, the mystery of the Stonehenge appears to be not just its massive size, but of the peculiar properties surrounding the stone monuments as well as the overall design. Dated to be between 4,000 to 5,000 years old, the structure predates advances made in construction or megalithic creations of any kind. This makes the structure all the stranger, as each stone weighs 25 tons and parts of the monument itself requires not only for the design of the locked stones to be placed horizontally above the vertically placed stones but

for these massive blocks to have been completely lifted off of the ground and placed with such incredible precision that it would be completely impossible to replicate to this day.

Many might argue that the difficulty of the structure is not enough proof to argue that the structure was made by Giants, but it appears to be fairly obvious that the structure was not made by man. Carbon dating of the region has discovered posts to have been created back during the year 8,000 BC which predates the first human civilization from having formed yet. In fact, the structure appears to be far from where the rise of humans would have precipitated as information discovered in the evolutionary history of man shows that human beings were still attempting to form the first civilizations in the regions of Africa. If this is the case, if not for human beings, what could have created these megalithic structures?

It would more than require the existence of Giants, along with advanced knowledge unknown by human beings at the time, as the Stonehenge itself appears to have astronomical significance and design. The structure appears to be aligned to the sunset of the winter solstice and the opposing sunrise of the summer solstice, which means that whichever culture created the structures, they more than planned on revisiting the site to be used as a calendar of some kind. The stones also appear to have strange electromagnetic properties that can cause small twitches in the muscles of people and have even reported to be healing in nature, fitting the advanced knowledge and magical description of the Giants often written in detail by ancient civilizations. It just seems all too weird that such a monumental structure would have been produced by a culture that left no written records, similar to that of the Giants and their megalithic creations.